Cherry Blossom Tea & The Perfect Blossom

As the finishing course to the Spring Quartet: Voyagé to the Far Easter, we wanted to create a cherry blossom on the plate. Cherry blossoms are celebrated and the official sign of spring in Japan. So in the dessert cherry blossom is used in as many ways as we could, cherry blossom honey, cherry blossom paste, cherry blossom powder, and cherry blossom granulated sugar. cherry blossom Tofu mousse and a five layered cherry blossom opera cake. The cocktail is a cherry blossom white tea and Sake, Cherry Blossom Tea

Cherry Blossom Tea – Cocktail
The Perfect Blossom – Tofu Cherry Blossom Mousse, Cherry Blossom Opera Cake

Cherry Blossom Opera Cake

1 halfsheet of Chiffon Sponge
500g Cherry Blossom German Butter Cream
200g Cherry Blossom Paste
50ml Cherry Blossom Honey
Cherry Blossom Powder
Cherry Blossom White Chocolate

Once the Chiffon sponge has cooled down, slice the sponge into 3 even pieces. Then take each piece and slice them horizontal in half. Using the cherry blossom honey, make some simple syrup. To build up your layers in the cake, first moisten the first layer of sponge with the syrup, then spread a thin layer of cherry blossom paste, and a layer of butter cream. Repeat until all layers are stack evenly and secure. Cover the cake with cherry blossom white chocolate.

Cherry Blossom Mousse

200g Extra Soft Tofu
50ml Cherry Blossom Honey
20g Cherry Blossom Powder

Blend using stick blender or mixer the Tofu together with the cherry blossom honey and powder. Pour into serving dishes and allow to set for 3 hours.

See you next time. Hungry Eyes Full Heart, Can’t Lose!

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