Shochu Think You Can Dance? Shiso Ready!

My friend Joe and I had been planning to put on a dinner and cocktail pairing. So once we had wrapped up the Valentines cocktail hour, we started to brainstorm. Our main theme is centered around spring/Easter, with French and Japanese influences. Welcome to the Spring Quartet: Voyagé to the Far Easter!

Shochu Think You Can Dance? – Cocktail
Shiso Ready! – Sorbet

In the first course we wanted to excite the pallet with a fresh Sorbet. Joe had in a recent restaurant visit experienced a Shiso Sorbet for dessert. Both of these elements could have been a bit sweet, but we cut back on the sweetness, as we wanted the composition to be light and refreshing, and little bit tangy. To accompany the Sorbet, Joe made a shochu, ginger, horseradish, and daikon cocktail, Shochu Think You Can Dance?

Shiso Ready! – Shiso Lime Sorbet

Shiso Ready!

100g Shiso Leaves
200ml Lime Juice
250ml Corn Syrup
1L Ice Cubes

To make the Shiso Sorbet, get some fresh Shiso leaves and limes. Juice the limes and add the juice, leaves, and corn syrup to a high powered blender or food processor. Blitz together for a couple of seconds. Add the ice and blend until smooth. Make sure to stop and manually mix to make sure the sorbet texture is even. Serve with a fresh Shiso leaf.

See you next time. Hungry Eyes Full Heart, Can’t Lose!

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