Easy Peasy Matcha Crusta & the Slaughter

For the Second course of Spring Quartet: Voyagé to the Far Easter, we went with Lamb and Peas.

Easy Peasy Matcha Crusta – Cocktail
the Slaughter – Lamb, smashed Peas, and Rowan berry jelly

As it was Easter, we wanted to do a lamb dish. The lamb was first cooked sous vide, then deep fried. Rowan berry jelly is a traditional Norwegian jelly, usually paired with wild game. Rowan berry is very tart and brings a sharpness to cut through the fat, and bring forth the the rich, sweet lamb meat. The cocktail is made with sugar snap peas, fresh mint, gin, and a crust of matcha to give a good earthiness to the cocktail, Easy Peasy Matcha Crusta.

The Slaughter – Lamb, smashed Peas, and Rowan berry jelly

The Slaughter

1 Leg of Lamb (De-boned)
400g Green Peas
200g Panko Bread Crumbs
100g Flat Leaf Parsley
30g Butter
Rowan Berry Jelly

I cooked the leg of lamb sous vide (62c/10 Hours), then cut it into bite size cubes. I allowed them to cool, and then breaded them in a mixture of panko and parsley , and deep fried them at 190c for 3 minutes.

For the peas, I blanched them, then drained and added back to the pot with butter. Once the peas were fully cooked, I gently smashed them with a potato masher.

To serve, I placed the cubes of lamb on a bed of the smashed peas, then topped each one with a spoonful of Rowan Berry Jelly.

See you next time. Hungry Eyes Full Heart, Can’t Lose!

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